Atomic Lollipop Convention Trailer

Trailer Design and Editing 

In 2015 I was hired by Atomic Lollipop to create a promo video for their anime, gaming and comic festival - held yearly in Toronto, Ontario. The client was drawn to me by my work in AMVs and wanted me to bring some of my signature flare to this live action piece. This trailer was featured on all of Atomic Lollipop's social media, several press releases promoting the event and the conventions official website. 


My biggest regret about Atomic Lollipop is that I never got to attend the convention! Catloging the footage I quickly realized this convention wasn't like any one I'd have ever been to -- they had cosplay burrlesque, a wild animal petting zoo, even fire dancers dressed as benders from Avatar. 

I really wanted to highlight how unique this convention was in the trailer, and weave a narrative that showed all the incredible activities and feelings this experience could offer a potential customer. 

The client had selected the music for this project already, so I began by identifying different movements in the song that could capture different moods of the event. 


The biggest challenge of this project was that the footage the client provided of the event was in a multitude of formats, sizes and frame rates, so I had to do a signficant amount of footage cleanup and correcting to make the lower resolution footage match its higher resolution companions. 

For some of the 60 FPS footage, I played with several time altering effects to create impactiful slow motion moments. 

Although Atomic Lollipop is an anime convention, they have many events that are similar to a music festival. With the trailer, I wanted to help the client target that demographic by showcasing some of their more festival driven events. 

For the wild animal segment (seriously this convention had a wild animal encounter!) - I color corrected the footage and added light leaks to create that sun-kissed-at-Coachella vibe. 


My favorite part of the promo to edit was the fire dancing sequence. I wanted to create a visual treat and cut between the interplay of fire dancing and light sabers to showcase all the wonderful night life this convention had to offer. 

This sequence was largely driven by pure scene selection and clever cuts - I only used blurs between the scenes and relied on scene selection to drive the flow.  

Atomic Lollipop released my promo and used it all throughout the 2015 event. It was featured on all of their social media, as well as in various press releases promoting the convention.  Unfortunately as of 2020, this convention is no longer running (it was clearly too cool to continue!) 

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