Hi, I'm Katie Lucas 

I solve creative problems

Your Creative Swiss Army Knife

You know when you need something that can serve as both a screwdriver and a nail file? That's me but for games. 

I am a multi-disciplinary creative with over eight years of experience in games on both development and marketing pipelines. I've worked professionally as a game designer, motion and graphic artist as well as a producer and marketer. 

As a creative leader with over five years of management experience, I champion empathetic guidance, pro-active self growth and transparent communication.   


Selected Projects

Some of the Awesome Games I've Worked On!


Treasure Party (2022)
Marketing Strategy and Ad Direction


Charm King (2015)
Marketing Artist & Marketing Strategy


Puzzlescapes: Interactive Jigsaw (2017)
Game Designer (UI/UX)


StickerQuest: A Daily iMessage Adventure (2016) 
Game Designer (UI/UX)


EggBaby(2008) & Egg! (2016)
QA Lead

Independent Projects


Shadow Seeker (2022)
Game Direction, Design and Art

Let's Make Something Beautiful Together! 

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