About Me


Why hello there! I'm Katie "Vivifx" Lucas and I like to think of myself as a creative swiss-army knife . Over my eight years in the industry I've worked professionally and personally on small nimble game teams where I provide a variety of skills, honing my craft to be the perfect tool for the job. 

Here's some of the skills I bring to the table: 

✨ I'm a game designer who has worked primarily in mobile. 
✨ I'm a 2D Artist and Animator
I'm a production manager trained in Agile worflows.
✨ I'm a storyteller - My favorite work is always the kind where I get to bring all my skills together to craft beautiful and haunting narratives. 

Currently, I am the Director of Creative Services at PlayQ. There I oversee a team of game designers, artists and animators and direct them towards producing small hyper-casual gameplay experiences.  I also manage all of our sprints, and work directly with UA to set our overall marketing strategy.  

I am also the Head Bread of Thoughtful Bread. Our team there is working on our first title - a narrative investigation game about a Witch and Crow breaking curses in a world under the control of magic captilism. On this title I am the head designer, and Art Director. 

I am also an Adjunct Professor of Game Design at Loyala Marymount where I teach undergrads how to fail fast, fail smart and foster a beautiful relationship with documentation. (They also make a game or two along the way there)

When I'm not doing my creative thing you can find me reading tarot cards, scuba diving or relaxing with a cup of tea, my partner and our two incredible cats. 

Some of the Awesome Games I've Worked On!


Treasure Party (2022)
Marketing Strategy and Ad Direction


Charm King (2015)
Marketing Artist & Marketing Strategy


Puzzlescapes: Interactive Jigsaw (2017)
Game Designer (UI/UX)


StickerQuest: A Daily iMessage Adventure (2016) 
Game Designer (UI/UX)


EggBaby(2008) & Egg! (2016)
QA Lead

Independent Projects


Shadow Seeker (2022)
Game Direction, Design and Art

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