POV Entertainment and Design

At the beginning of my career in LA, I freelanced in-house for POV Entertainment and Design. I created digital ads and social media creative. Some of my clients included Disney, Warner Brother's Motion Pictures and the CW. 

I was responsible for ads from intial planning all the way through final execution.  My to day to day responsibilities included video editing, motion design, graphic design and programming to set up interactable creative. 

Social Media Campaigns

During my time at POV, I worked on a number of Social Media release campaigns. 

For the Entourage: The Movie, I worked with a screener copy of the film and selected several scenes that I could seamlessly ad the countdown copy to. 

For both of these I ended up masking out the footage, and patching in the copy - while keeping the original tracking of the shot. 



I was also thrilled to work on the social campaign for the remasted rerelease of The Iron Giant - one of my favorite animated films all time! For this campaign I was the target audience, so I created authentic posts that I would love to share on my own timeline. I played on the nostalgia of the movie, working in quotes as well as our selling copy. The highlight of the campaign for me was when my supervisor forwarded me an email from the client, in which Brad Bird himself said he loved one of my gifs. 


The Iron Giant Remastered Social Media Advert 04
The Iron Giant Remastered Social Media Advert 02

Interstitials and Banner Ads

I also created static and still interstitial and banner ads in a wide variety of sizes and formats. Many of these ads were created using only a single key image, that needed to be repositioned to make each size look good. 

For the video interstiatials I also set them up in Google's Ad editor as interactables - so that the video would play on intial click, offer replay options and sometimes more complex choice mechanics. 

Doc McStuffins 300×250 HTML Interstial
Entourage: The Movie 320×568 Millenial Ad
The Flash 300 x100 HTML Banner
San Andreas Rich Media 728×90 Banner

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