Appstore Assets

Treasure Party Appstore Set


Appstore Feature Assets

We were lucky to receive several appstore features for our in game seasonal sales. Being featured by Apple is always so exciting - but they tend to give little warning about when its going to happen! 

For each feature asset I was working with a limited time table, so I worked from pre-existing game art and combining it into something new and creative that matched the seasonal theme of the sale or feature. 

Apple also requires every banner to be submitted as a layered and cleaned PSD.  This became easier with each banner I created - the first banner I made I developed a handy action in Photoshop that helped me merge and organize my PSD in a single button. Ah optimization - how I love thee!! 

Even though I always had to work quickly and consider apple's final export formats - nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your art on the front page of the Appstore! 


Google Play Feature Graphics

We updated Charm King's Google Play feature graphic far more regularly than our Appstore assets, and I often had the chance to design cool seasonal feature graphics. 

Each of these was built using key assets from the game that were composed, corrected and in some cases drawn in by me!

I also created several variations on some of these designs, so UA could test and evaluate which design was the most successful.  

GP_HalloweenFeature Graphic
GP_Holiday_Feature Graphic_Tree
GP_Holiday_Winter_Feature Graphic_snowman-gameplay

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